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Can bad UX win you reliable customers?

· 4 min read
Wojciech Gruszczyk
Chief Blog Officer

My family loves traveling. Every time there is a break at school we are trying to use the time to visit new places, enjoy new tastes, and experience a refreshing sense of freedom. Since we discovered AirBnB[^1],[^2], and companies alike a few years ago our approach to traveling changed a lot. Freedom of self-check-in, possibility to feel at home renting whole places and living close to locals. Amazing! Until this year's experience: at 11:00 PM, after waiting with 3 kids for 45 minutes for the host to turn up we found the place in a total mess. Not cleaned after previous guests, stinky and awful (I'll spare you the details, the picture below should be enough)...

Messy apartment, 11:00 PM, 300km away from home...

Think different: how to sell software products

· 3 min read
Wojciech Gruszczyk
Chief Blog Officer

Software startups are often created by technical founders. What they build is often great in terms of provided features and - to say nothing - clumsy in the visual aspects. In the era of information overload people stay focused on a single piece of information for seconds. This extremely short period of attention must be enough to attract them to your product. Are you prepared to win them as your new customers?

Gingerbread unicorn

Image by boaphotostudio Pixabay