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ยท 4 min read
Wojciech Gruszczyk

My family loves traveling. Every time there is a break at school we are trying to use the time to visit new places, enjoy new tastes, and experience a refreshing sense of freedom. Since we discovered AirBnB[^1],[^2], and companies alike a few years ago our approach to traveling changed a lot. Freedom of self-check-in, possibility to feel at home renting whole places and living close to locals. Amazing! Until this year's experience: at 11:00 PM, after waiting with 3 kids for 45 minutes for the host to turn up we found the place in a total mess. Not cleaned after previous guests, stinky and awful (I'll spare you the details, the picture below should be enough)...

Messy apartment, 11:00 PM, 300km away from home...