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· 8 min read
Wojciech Gruszczyk

Your software is as good as its documentation. Even if it's a truism, it's worth remembering, especially when creating a SaaS solution with self-service capabilities and versatile APIs, or when building open-source (no, in your GitHub is not sufficient).

Big tech companies know it very well. They invest significant money in creating and maintaining their documentation. They use dedicated tooling and have teams to build it. But what about startups? They are usually focused on building the product and acquiring customers. In this post, I give you my opinionated guide on how to create world-class documentation without investing.

Believe me, you can't afford to have bad documentation!

It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say in a whole book.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Artistic presentation of Docusaurus - generated with Stable Diffusion (Stable Diffusion Web)

· 8 min read
Wojciech Gruszczyk

Advancements in AI have long captivated and unsettled humanity. Recently, with user-friendly interfaces like website chats and prompt-supported Discord channels, this technology has made its way into our homes.

Initially met with widespread enthusiasm and curiosity, as evidenced by countless early adopters sharing their experiences, the ecstasy surrounding AI has begun to wane. People are growing weary of subpar content on demand and are increasingly focusing on identifying risks and limitations. Sadly, many have abandoned its potential without fully exploring its capabilities.

In this article, I will share my experiences and my indispensable toolbox. I hope it will help you to start, re-start, or continue your journey with generative AI.

Who made who? | AI is changing its creators.